CroFab® Production: Purity, Precision, Purpose

Comprehensive coverage of all US pit viper venoms

  • Produced from US snakes
    • Includes rattlesnakes (Mojave type A venom, western and eastern diamondbacks) and cottonmouths/water moccasins1
  • Proven cross-reactivity with 10 common North American snake venoms in a murine lethality model
  Map of U.S

Facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Collection: Pure venom validated by testing2

  • Controlled collection, testing, and certification of venom from US snakes

Immunization: Highest level of biosecurity for host animals2

  • Australian sheep: a clean host animal
    • Free of prions and viruses
  • Venom from individual species incubated in separate sheep herds
    • 4 separate high-potency, monospecific antivenoms combined to create CroFab®
  Map of Australia

Facility located in Rosedale, Australia.

Production: Robust regulatory oversight2

  • Bioprocessing and production of antivenom with the highest level of inspection
  Map of Britain

Facility located in Ceredigion, Wales.

Unique Manufacturing for Exceptional Quality

Specifically designed as a small protein fragment2

  • CroFab® is a Fab molecule with the Fc fragment removed
  • No risk of cross-linking antigens or formation of immune complexes
  • Fast clearance for less immune system recognition
  • Has rapid distribution and a large volume of distribution in the body

Affinity purification: a purified product for improved confidence2

  • Purification for venom-specific antibodies only—just 15% of the original material provides
    • Greater specificity
    • Fewer nonspecific foreign proteins that can cause adverse reactions

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