Treatment With CroFab®

Strike Back Early With CroFab®


Regardless of snakebite severity, treat with CroFab® to*:

  • Halt local effects, edema, ecchymosis, and treat the source of the pain1
  • Resolve systemic effects, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or tachycardia1
  • Reduce coagulation abnormalities, such as thrombocytopenia, hyperfibrinogenemia, and spontaneous bleeding1,2

*Efficacy determined using the snakebite severity score (SSS), a validated objective tool for the clinical evaluation of North American pit viper snakebite in adults. The total score reflects patient evaluation on 6 dimensions: cardiovascular system, local wound, gastrointestinal system, hematologic symptoms, pulmonary system, and central nervous system. The higher the total score, the more severe the snakebite.1


Treat with confidence

  • Comprehensive coverage of all US pit viper venoms1
  • A safety profile you can count on1
  • Included in unified consensus algorithm3

Learn about the expert recommended treatment in cases of pit viper envenomation.


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