SnakeBite911 FR

For Emergency First Responders
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Appropriate Snakebite Management

North American Pit Vipers (crotalids) are capable of venomous bites. These occurrences are usually both seasonal and rare, however if they occur, they need careful and immediate attention. SnakeBite911 FR for First Responders is a guide to help you act quickly, and with confidence when attending to a snakebite emergency. It will support you through the actions required to ensure the victim is appropriately managed, from pick up to delivery at an Emergency Department.

Time is Tissue

Help speed up diagnosis and treatment on arrival at an Emergency Department by tracking the spread of venom, and getting the bite victim quickly to a nearby hospital that may stock CroFab® Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine), for the management of patients with North American crotalid envenomation.

SnakeBite911 FR key features

  • Checklist of Actions to Avoid
  • Best practice Pre-treatment Steps
  • Time-stamped Venom Tracker tool to capture venom progression
  • Hospital Locator to identify nearby hospitals that may be able to treat venomous North American Pit Viper bites with CroFab®
  • Quick dial to the Poison Control Center
  • Further information about CroFab®

Important Safety Information

Full Prescribing Information

Selected Safety Information about CroFab®
In clinical trials, recurrent coagulopathy (the return of a coagulation abnormality after it has been successfully treated with antivenin), characterized by decreased fibrinogen, decreased platelets, and elevated prothrombin time, occurred in approximately half of the patients studied. Recurrent coagulopathy may persist for 1 to 2 weeks or more. Patients who experience coagulopathy due to snakebite should be monitored for recurrent coagulopathy for up to 1 week or longer.


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