Evolution of Envenomation Treatment – The Path Leading to CroFab®

  • Comprehensive snakebite management guidance for North American pit viper envenomation based on current evidence and expert consensus
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  • The first ovine derived, affinity purified Fab fragment antivenom approved for use in the United States
  • Reported crotaline exposures increase from 1,685 in 1999 to 4,023 in 2016, but the incidence of major outcomes within exposures reported decreased from 11% to 5%4,5
  • John Sullivan and Findlay Russell use affinity chromatography to create a highly purified and specific Fab antivenom
  • Dosing to severity of envenomation
  • Acute allergic reactions (~25%), frequent serum sickness (~75%)
  • Fasciotomies are often performed on snakebite victims
  • Research and published data continue to increase
  • C.G. Pope used ammonium sulphate to precipitate out antitoxic proteins from serum of an immunized horses
  • C.G. Pope discovered that antitoxic proteins can be cleaved into fragments with proteolytic enzymes (papain and pepsin) and maintain antitoxin activity
  • First company licensed in the United States to produce and sell polyvalent, equine, whole IgG antivenom for North American pit vipers
  • Vital Brazil demonstrates that antivenom serums are specific to the snakes used to produce the antivenom (prior to that others such as Calmette assumed they were non-specific)
  • Albert Calmette made equine antivenom serum for cobra envenomation
  • Two groups of French researchers are simultaneously credited with the discovery of antivenom serotherapy:
    • Albert Calmette from the Pasteur Institute obtained antiserum from rabbits immunized with cobra venom11
    • Cesaire Auguste Phisalix from the National Museum of Natural History obtained antiserum blood from guinea pigs immunized with heat-inactivated Vipera aspis venom12
  • Von Behring and Kitasato transfer serum from an immunized animal to a non-immune animal providing protection against bacterial toxins (diphtheria)
  • Franz Hofmeister discovered that proteins can be purified out of serum by “salting out”
  • Henry Sewall discovered that pigeons could develop resistance to Crotalus snake venom after injection with increasing doses of venom

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